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Facebook Like Button installation instructions

Please follow next steps to complete the installation:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Compilation and deactivate the compilation mode for your store.
  2. Check if your Magento store cache is enabled.
  3. Unpack all files from extension archive into your magento store root directory.
  4. Refresh your magento store cache.
  5. Logout from your store admin and then login back, to refresh your admin user access rights.

Navigate to System > Configuration > Templates-Master > Facebook Like Button and enable extension for any store you need. Configure FaceBook Like Button module according to your needs.

Set up new Facebook Application at

Code listed bellow should be added to view.phtml file in order to display Facebook like button. For example app/design/frontend/[package]/[theme]/template/catalog/product/view.phtml.

    <?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('core/template')->setTemplate('tm/facebooklb/like.phtml')->toHtml(); ?>

Code listed bellow should be added to list.phtml file in order to display social buttons. For example app/design/frontend/[package]/[theme]/template/catalog/product/list.phtml.

    <?php echo Mage::helper('facebooklb')->getCategoryLikeButton($_product) ?>

Update extension from 2.0.2 to 2.1.0

After updating extension you can delete deprecated files and directories to keep your magento instance clean and tidy:


After you install an extension you can go to:

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