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Street line labels

Available since 3.9.0

Firecheckout can add, modify, remove field labels and placeholders with FormFieldManager component. All you need is to call the javascript initialization from firecheckout page.

  1. Create custom.js file
  2. Add the following code inside:

    document.observe('dom:loaded', function() {
        // Possible values for placeholder and label fields are:
        //  - Text value (To add or update field label/placeholder)
        //  - Boolean false (To hide field label/placeholder)
        var rules = {
            '#billing\\:street1': {
                placeholder: 'Enter your street line 1'
            '#billing\\:street2': {
                label: 'Street 2',
                placeholder: 'Enter your street line 2'
        new FC.FormFieldManager(rules);
  3. Let’s translate these labels

    1. Create custom.phtml file.

      Using custom.phtml

    2. Add the following content into this file:

          Translator.add('Enter your street line 1', "<?php echo $this->__('Enter your street line 1') ?>");
          Translator.add('Enter your street line 2', "<?php echo $this->__('Enter your street line 2') ?>");
          Translator.add('Street 2', "<?php echo $this->__('Street 2') ?>");
    3. Add translations to your theme csv file app/design/frontend/argento/default/locale/de_DE/translate.csv:

      "Enter your street line 1","Geben Sie Ihre Straße ein 1"
      "Enter your street line 2","Geben Sie Ihre Straße ein 2"
      "Street 2","Straße Nummer 2"
  4. Save all files and clear magento cache.


Street line 2 label and placeholder

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