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Admin Interfaces

Accepted Consents

Grid located at Templates Master > GDPR > Accepted Consents. It shows all consents accepted by customers.

Accepted Consents Grid

Client’s Requests

Grid located at Templates Master > GDPR > Client's Requests. It shows customer’s personal data manipulation requests.

Client Requests Grid

Available actions:
  • Process requests - allows to process client’s request manually. Attention!!! If request type is delete, customer’s data will be deleted or anonymized

  • Cancel requests - cancel client’s request (changes status to cancelled)

  • Delete requests - delete client’s request

Requests statuses
Status Description
Pending Request created, but not confirmed by the client (this status not currently used).
Confirmed Request confirmed by the client. This is the default status for logged-in clients.
Running Request is currenlty processing.
Processed Request processing is finished. You may use “View Report” link to see details.
Failed Request processing failed. This may happend if client has incompleted orders.
Canceled Request was canceled.
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