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Creating AJAX based lightbox window with html content based on content of CMS page

Please go to Admin > CMS and follow next steps:

  1. At CMS pages please create new CMS page with content you want to show in lightbox window.
  2. In the Content field specify the text and click on Save block.
  3. In the Design settings please set Layout * to ”empty” so that page will output only the content without store layout.

Now you are ready to create ajax based lightbox with the next code:

<a href="&#123;&#123;store url="YOURCMSCONTENTPAGEURL"&#125;&#125;" onclick="return hs.htmlExpand(this, { objectType: 'ajax'})" class="highslide">Ajax Modal Window </a>.

Note: you should change YOURCMSCONTENTPAGEURL to URL of page you have created in #1.

Lightbox popup

Go Admin > CMS > Pages and do as follows:

  • Open the page where you want to place the gallery.
  • At Page information tab in the Content field please press Insert Widget button.
  • At Widget type select Lightbox Pro Gallery.
  • At Widget options tab browse the gallery images. Click on Insert Widget at upper right corner of the page.
  • Save page.

Placing lightbox widget into categories description

Go to Admin > CMS and do as follows:

  • At Static blocks add new one.
  • At Block information tab press Insert Widget button in the Content field. Click on Save block.
  • Select Lightbox Pro Image widget type and fill the appropriate fields.
  • Click on Save Block.
  • Then go to System > Catalog > Manage Categories and select Display settings tab.
  • In the CMS block field select the block, that you created before and click on Save category.

Placing youtube video in lightbox window on the cms page

Go to Admin > CMS > Pages and follow next steps:

  1. Select the page to edit.
  2. At Page information tab press Insert Widget button in the Content field.
  3. Select LightboxPro Inner HTML widget type.
  4. Fill the fields according to your needs.
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