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Testimonials extension allows your customers to leave reviews about your store. You can customize testimonials listing and form, place widgets on store pages and enable admin notification about new testimonial submission.


  1. Installation
  2. Features
  3. Settings
  4. Testimonials Grid
  5. Widgets and Blocks
  6. Use Cases



General section

General Section

Enable Testimonials

You can disable extension on frontend.

Automatically approve testimonials

Approve new testimonials automatically or manually. Only approved testimonials will be displayed on store frontend.

Place link to testimonials list in top links block.

Place link to testimonials list in footer links block.

Testimonials List Section

Testimonials List Section

Testimonials list layout

You can select testimonials listing page layout, 1 column used by default.

Testimonials per page

Select the number of testimonials which will be displayed right after the page loading.

Image width and Image height

Set user profile image size in pixels.

Image placeholder

Upload the default image used in case the user did not upload his profile image.

Show user email in testimonials list

You can hide user emails from testimonials listing page.

Testimonials Submit Form Section

Testimonials Submit Form Section

Testimonials form layout

You can select testimonials form page layout, 2 columns with left bar used by default.

Enable company field, Enable website field, Enable twitter field, Enable facebook field

You can enable additional fields to show on testimonials submit form.

Message shown after testimonial sent

Write a message that will be displayed after user submits the testimonial. You can place a discount code here.

Administrator Email Notifications Section

Administrator Email Notifications Section

Email notification for admin on new testimonial

Admin will receive email when new testimonial would be posted.

Send email from

Select email sender.

Administrator email

Enter the email where to send notifications to.

Administrator email subject

Enter a notification email subject.

Administrator email template

Select a notification email template.

Testimonials grid

You can check submitted testimonials in Templates Master > Testimonials > Manage Testimonials menu. Yon can also change testimonials status or delete them.

Testimonials Grid

Testimonial Information Tab

You can check and change all testimonial’s data, change it’s status or delete it.

Testimonial Information Tab

Use Cases

Testimonial submit form captcha

To enable captcha on testimonial submit form go to Admin > System > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > CAPTCHA, select Testimonials Form in Forms field and press Save config button.

Testimonial submit form captcha

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