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Argento custom theme

Creating Argento sub-theme gives you unlimited possibilities in theme customization. Unlike css customization, custom theme allows you to change much more things:

  • Layout instructions
  • Template files
  • Javascripts
  • Css styles

Using Argento sub-theme, you guarantee that all Argento files left untouched and you can unpack new Argento version over the old one without losing your modifications


  1. Create custom theme
  2. Apply custom theme to your store

Create custom theme

Please, use our istructions at Custom Argento Themes Boilerplate free repository or you can create custom theme manualy:

Let’s create Local/argento-[essence|flat]-custom theme based on Swissup/argento-[essence|flat].

This tutorial assumes that you’ll replace [essence|flat] entries with theme name, you’d like to use

  1. Create folder for your new theme:

  2. Create following files inside new theme directory, to register your theme in Magento :

    1. composer.json

          "name": "local/argento-[essence|flat]-custom",
          "type": "magento2-theme",
          "version": "1.0.0",
          "require": {
              "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-[essence|flat]": "*"
          "autoload": {
              "files": [ "registration.php" ]
    2. theme.xml

      <theme xmlns:xsi=""
          <title>Argento Custom by Local</title>
    3. registration.php

  3. Log in to Magento backend and navigate to Content > Themes. You should see new theme in the list.

    Clear cache if theme is not appeared in the list.

    List of themes at Content > Themes

  4. Run the following commands in terminal to deploy static content files:

    bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  5. That’s all. Now you can apply theme to your store.

Apply custom theme

Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Design and select your new theme in Design Theme option dropdown.

Please note, that Magento 2.1 moved this config to separate page. You can find it at Content > Design > Configuration

Design Configuration

Press Save Config button.

That’s all, now you can modify anything you’d like to, without modifiyng core Argento files.

NOTE: After enabling CUSTOM theme the SwissupEditor will not work for it. It works only for native Argento designs. Please, use custom CSS, JS, templates editing for changing custom theme look.

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