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Ask It is most powerful Magento products questions extension, that allows to create the discussion on the product page,CMS pages and even on the categories pages. The display of recently discussion block at any place of your store leads to better understanding your customers. The extension allows your visitors to help other people by answering their questions, that in future will improve the communication between your store buyers.

Askit module is integrated with Akismet service,that will stop questions spam. The extension allows you to set the email notification about discussion for customer particularly as well as for admin. Moreover it supports the configuration of private questions personally to registered customer.


General section

General Section

Email Settings section

Email Settings Section

Captcha section

Navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> CAPTCHA -> Forms

CAPTCHA settings

Frontend interface

Admin interfaces

Askit Questions Grid

Ask It extension provides you with easy to use admin interface. You can keep track on what items were asked questions most of all, make sure that the questions not go unanswered and also add new comments to the answers. Additionally you are allowed to set private question to registered customers, that will improve understanding both concerns.

Admin interfaces

Please go to Swissup > Askit Questions. Select any question from grid to edit. Or you can create new question.

Question Information Tab

Question Information Tab

Answers Tab

Answers Tab

Please type your answer in the Text field. And at the very end click Save at the right upper corner of the page.

Answer Edit

Answer Edit

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