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Known Issues

Cache Warmer Urls remain empty after executing

Go to your Magento root dir

Get MySQL CLI credentials

php -r '$a = include("app/etc/env.php"); extract($a["db"]["connection"]["default"]); echo "mysql -u$username -h$host -p$password --database=$dbname\n";'

You will get your command for entering into mysql console something like below

mysql -udbusername -hlocalhost -psecretpassword --database=magento_db

run the command and enter to MySQL console

Check swissup_cachewarmer_useragent and swissup_cachewarmer_requestentry tables

SELECT * FROM swissup_cachewarmer_useragent;
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM swissup_cachewarmer_requestentry;

If it is empty add the default user agent

INSERT IGNORE INTO swissup_cachewarmer_useragent VALUES (1, '');
SELECT * FROM swissup_cachewarmer_useragent;

Now you can try to reindex the cachewarmer’s index

bin/magento index:reindex swissup_cachewarmer_requestentry

Finally enter to your MySQL console and run the command below to check swissup_cachewarmer_requestentry table

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM swissup_cachewarmer_requestentry;
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