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Checkout Cart

Checkout Cart extension brings cart functionality on checkout page. It allows to change items quantity and remove items from cart on checkout page. Also with this module you can move totals under cart items block in checkout cart summary section.

Extension is compatible with Firecheckout and default Magento 2 checkout.


  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. Settings
  4. Known Issues


Module settings are located at Stores > Configuration > Swissup Checkout > Checkout Cart page.


Option Description
Enabled Ability to enable/disable quantity switcher at the checkout
Display Product Name as Link Ability to show product name as a link to the product page
Move Totals Under Product Details in Order Summary Ability to move Order Totals section below products list

Known Issues

Shipping method depends from totals on default checkout

When you have shipping method which has Minimum Order Amount set in config, you can face following problem on default checkout:

  • you add few products to cart and totals amount is greater than configured Minimum Order Amount
  • on checkout Shipping step you select shipping method
  • on checkout Payment step you decrease quantity and order amount becomes smaller than configured Minimum Order Amount
  • shipping method selected on Shipping step becomes unavailable and you can’t place order

This issue only happens on default Magento 2 checkout. There is no such problem with Firecheckout.

Minimum Order Amount

Extension is not compatible with Minimum order amount config in Stores > Configuration > SALES > Sales > Minimum Order Amount because of bugs in Magento 2.

Product Stock Options

Extension does not support Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart, Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart and Qty Increments settings from Stores > Configuration > CATALOG > Inventory > Product Stock Options.

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