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Delivery Date and Time

Allows customer to choose delivery date and time during checkout.

Main features:



Configuration is available at Stores > Configuration > Swissup Checkout > Delivery Date page.


General configuration options

Option Description
Delivery date field label Label used on frontend
Show for all shipping methods Show delivery date input globally or for certain methods only
Shipping Methods Depends shipping methods
Make Delivery Date a required field Make Delivery Date a required field
Use Calendar Disable to use calendar icon
Use first avilable date as default value Populate delivery date field with default value

First and last available delivery date rules

Available delivery date rules

Option Description
Delivery processing day ends at Orders placed afterwards will be considered as next day orders
Delivery will be available since first available day (order date) plus this value Delivery date offset in days
Period in days, while delivery will be available, since first available day Last available delivery date offset
Date Format Forced date format, locale date format used when empty
Exclude Weekend Days Exclude delivery date on weekend
Holidays List of holiday dates
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