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Backend Interfaces

This page is located at Swissup GDPR > Cookie Registry. You can register additional cookies, edit description of system cookies per store view, and create/edit cookie groups.

Also you have an access to blocked cookies list at this page. This list is useful to check if every cookie is registered in the system and visitors can exlicitly allow or decline them. Normally, this list should be empty. When it’s not - you should examine blocked cookies and add them to the registry, or remove the script that wants to create them.

Blocked cookies - is the list of cookies that some script was trying to create while this cookie is not visible at the frontend cookie settings page.

Cookie Registry

Accepted Consents

This page is located at Swissup > GDPR > Accepted Consents. You can view the list of accepted personal data and cookie consents on this page.

Accepted Consents

Client’s Requests

This page is located at Swissup > GDPR > Client’s Requests. You can cancel, process, and delete requests on this page.

Client's Requests

Possible requests statuses

Status Description
Pending Request created, but not confirmed by the client. This status is not currently used by the module.
Confirmed Request confirmed by the client. This is the default request status for logged-in clients.
Running Request is currenlty processing.
Processed Request processing is finished. You may use “View Report” link to see details.
Failed Request processing failed. This may happend if client has incompleted orders.
Canceled Request was canceled.

Report examples

Successfull request processing:

Successfull request processing

Failed request processing:

Failed request processing

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