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Module’s configuration is located at Stores > Configuration > Swissup > GDPR page.

General section

General section

Option Description
Enabled Allows to enable/disable GDPR per store view

Consents section

Consents section

This section consists from various consents that have the same configurable options:

Option Description
Enabled Allows to enable/disable consent per store view
Sort Order Allows to sort multiple consents in single form
Title Consent text. HTML and Magento’s WYSIWYG directives are supported.
Show in Forms Allows to show consent in selected forms

Client’s requests section

Client request section

Deletion requests

Option Description
Anonymized data placeholder Placeholder to use for anonymized personal data
Automate request processing Allows to enable/disable automatic request processing
Days to Wait When automation is enabled, process requests created more than X days ago

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