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LESS Variables

Use these variables to quickly customize menu styles with custom-css feature.

Variable Default Value Description
@navpro__xs__max-width 480px Extra small screen size
@navpro__sm__max-width 767px Small screen size
@navpro__lg__min-width 1024px Large screen size
@navpro-container__max-width 1280px Menu container max-width
@navpro-container__width 100% Menu container width
Parent Item Caret Icon    
@navpro-parent-item__caret-dark data:image/base64 Dark caret image
@navpro-parent-item__caret-light data:image/base64 Light caret image
@navpro-parent-item-level0__caret @navpro-parent-item__caret-dark Caret for the top level items
@navpro-parent-item__caret @navpro-parent-item__caret-dark Caret for the all level items except the top level
Dropdown Variables    
@navpro-dropdown__use-shevron true Use shevron on the top of dropdown submenu
@navpro-dropdown__use-animation true Use dropdown animation
@navpro-dropdown__background #fff Dropdown background color
@navpro-dropdown__border-color #eaeaea Dropdown border color
@navpro-dropdown__border 1px solid @navpro-dropdown__border-color Dropdown border styles
@navpro-dropdown__box-shadow 0 2px 2px -2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) Dropdown box shadow
@navpro-dropdown__padding 12px Dropdown inner padding
@navpro-dropdown__z-index 500 z-index
Top Level Link Styles    
@navpro-link-level0__padding 11px 12px Top level items padding
@navpro-link-level0-caret__padding 20px Top level items padding for caret icon
Category Tips (Labels)    
@navpro-tip__font-family 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif Font for category tips
@navpro-tip__font-size .7em Font size for category tips
@navpro-tip__font-weight normal Font weight
@navpro-tip__color #fff Text color
@navpro-tip__black__color #fff Text color for black tip
@navpro-tip__background-color #1979c3 Default tip background
@navpro-tip__accent__background-color #ff7103 Accent tip background
@navpro-tip__muted__background-color #555 Muted tip background
@navpro-tip__black__background-color #000 Black tip background
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