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General settings

Enabled - select Yes to enable a module.

Product Page structured data format - provides you control over format for structured data at product page. By default it is JSON-LD. But you can switch it back to Magento implementation of microdata or turn off structured data at product page at all.

We minify JSON-LD data to reduce page size. You can turn it off with Minify structured data option. This can be helpful if you need to debug something.

Breadcrumbs settings

Enabled - select Yes to enable a breadcrumbs in structured data.

Product Structured Data

Settings works only with structured data format JSON-LD.

Product structured data settings

Structured data for product contains a lot of information.

With option Structured Data you can configurate basic data snippets. Such as name, sku, mpn (gtin8, gtin13, gtin14, isbn). Just set data property name as select relatedt product attribute for it.

Price Valid Until sets default value for priceValidUntil property in Offers data snippet.

Use option Product Brand Attribute to setup brand data snippet. Different stores can name product brand differently (producer, manufacturer, brand, etc.). So with this option you select wich product attribute structered data should use as “brand”.

Other possible info for structed data of product is its condition. By default, product condition is “New”. To specify attribute that should be consider as condition use option Product Condition Attribute. Options below help you to setup its proper values.


Organization settings

Fill out the fields to show the full information about your organization directly in search results.

Social links settings

Social links snippets will help you to boost click-through rate for your shared URLs, get more traffic from social networks and increase a social media followers base. We do recommend you to implement rich snippets for social media.


website settings

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