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SEO Pagination

Rel="next" and rel="prev"

Current extension improves presentation of paginated content for search engines.

Prev/Next recommendation from Google webmaster guide is outdated since spring of 2019 (

Original article – Indicate paginated content.

This extension adds ‘view-all’ link for paginated content. Search engines appreciate it as well as regular visitors. Because they can find all products at one page.

We implemented multiple strategies for content with pages. So you can choose one that suites best for your store. Our favorite strartegy (and most relevant one) is enabled ‘view-all’ link + use it as canonical. That is why we use it by default. But you always can change it in configuration.

Other great feature is page number in title. It helps to avoid possible duplicate content issues.

Extension works perfectly with:

SEO Pagination is a part of SEO Suite toolkit. And we do not provide it as independent Magento 2 extension.

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