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Generate Metadata

Extension generates matadata using previously created templates.

There are three ways to generate metadata:

CLI Command

Since version 1.5.16 available indexes.

When you need to regenerate metadata via console please use bin\magento indexer:reindex [index_id] command.

bin/magento indexer:reindex swissup_seotemplates_category
bin/magento indexer:reindex swissup_seotemplates_product

Since module version 1.5.0.

REMOVED IN 1.5.16!!!

It is possible to generate metadata with bin\magento command.

# Removed in 1.5.16. Use indexer instead.
bin/magento swissup:seotemplates:generate

Via Magento Admin interface

Go to Manage Templates grid. You can find Generate Metadata button there. Click on it and you get simple form.

Generate Metadata

Click Generation metadata button. Wait till process ends. Results you will see under form.

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