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AMP uses separate cms page as your store homepage. You can edit it at CMS > Manage Pages page. Just search the page by tmamp_homepage identifier.



Homepage Slider


{{widget type="easyslide/insert" slider_id="tmamp"}}

Slider is powered by Easyslide module. You can edit the slides at Templates Master > Easyslide page. Look for a TM AMP slider.

Category Images

Homepage Category Images


{{widget type="easycatalogimg/widget_list" category_count="6" subcategory_count="4" column_count="4" show_image="1" image_width="200" image_height="200" template="tm/easycatalogimg/list.phtml"}}

Category images are powered by EasyCatalogImages module. You can assign category thumbnails manually at the category edit page, or you can also use the “Automatic Image Assignment” feature at System > Configuration > Templates-Master > Easy Catalog Images page.

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