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Easy Flags configuration

  1. Setting Up
  2. Switcher Type

Magento default StoreSwitcher look


Setting Up

  1. Go to System > Configuration > TemplatesMaster > Easyflags
  2. Set EasyFlags option Enable = Yes
  3. Go to System > Manage Stores

    Manage Stores

  4. Select store view and edit it storeview. Upload the flag icon in Easy Flags section and save.

    Edit Store View

  5. Repeat same for every Store View
  6. If everything is correct you’ll get similar result


Switcher Type

Easy Flags extension (version 3.0+) provides two types of language switcher:

Inline Chosen Dropdown
Inline Chosen Dropdown

You can change switcher type in Magento Admin. Go to menu System > Configuration. Select Easy Flags on left side panel under section Templates Master. And in group Language Switcher you can change switcher type and show/hide switcher label.

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