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Delivery Date and Time

These settings available at Admin > System > Configuration > TM Checkout > Delivery Date and Time page.

General settings

  • Enabled - select Yes to enable the settings of delivery date and time.
  • Display mode - select possible values Show for All Shipping Methods or Show for Specific Shipping methods to set the display mode.
  • Use Calendar - select Yes to enable the use of calendar.
  • Delivery will be available since order date plus this value - please specify the value according to your requirements.
  • Period in days when delivery will be available, since first available day - please specify the period according to your requirements.
  • Exclude the Weekend days - select No to disable the delivery on weekend.
  • Dates to Exclude - please specify and add the days you wish to exclude the delivery.
  • Use Time Range - select Yes to enable the time range when delivery is available.
  • Time Ranges - please specify and add the time ranges you wish to make the delivery available.
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