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Main Configuration

Firecheckout configuration is available at Admin > System > Configuration > TM Checkout > Firecheckout.



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Option Possible Values Description
Enabled Yes/No Enable/Disable firecheckout module
Url Path Any url except magento core urls Url to firecheckout page
Registration Mode Guest checkout is allowed Default mode
  Guest checkout is allowed (registration checkbox is checked) Default mode, but registration checkbox is checked on initial page load
  Registration is required Customer can’t place order in guest mode. Password will be prompted to create new account
  User is registered during checkout without prompting a password Customer will be registered in background with autogenerated password (it will be emailed to customer)
Redirect to firecheckout after adding an item to the shopping cart Yes/No Open firecheckout page after “Add to Cart” action
Advanced shipping settings    
Default Shipping Method Any shipping method, or shipping code Select shipping method on initial page load
Hide Other Shipping Methods if Free is Available Yes/Now All methods except free_free will be hidden. Even when they have a zero price.
Show Shipping Address Form Yes/No Do not allow to enter different billing and shipping addresses
Ship to the same address is selected by default Yes/No Default state of “Ship to the same address” radio
Advanced payment settings    
Default Payment Method Any payment method Select payment method on initial page load
Register customer during Paypal Express checkout if prompted Yes/No Fixes magento bug for older then 1.6.1 (Newer magento version doesn’t use this option)
Discount, giftcards and rewardpoints settings    
Discount checkbox state Not checked (Discount form is hidden) Customer should check the checkbox and then enter coupon code
  Checked (Discount form is visible) Discount form is visible on initial page load
  Hidden (Discount form is visible) Discount form is always visible
Show Discount Coupon Field Yes/No Ability to show/hide discount form
Show Giftcard Field Ability to show/hide giftcard form for Magento Enterpise Edition  
Additional fields setup    
Show Subscribe to Newsletter Checkbox Yes/No Ability to show subscription checkbox below billing address form
Newsletter checkbox is checked by default Yes/No Default state of subscription checkbox
Show Comment Field Yes/No Show order comment field in order summary section
Show Address Review Block Yes/No Show billing and shipping addresses in order summary section (Useful for EU countries)

Layout and Design

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Option Possible Values Description
Page Title    
Title Any string value Checkout page title
Use different value for Meta Title Yes/No Use, if you want to use different meta-title
Meta Title Any string value Checkout page meta-title
Page Subtitle Any string value Text to show below page title
Layout type 1 column 1 column step-by-step layout
  1 column (Expanded) 1 column expanded layout
  2 columns Addresses in the first column, shipping, payment and summary in the second
  2 columns alternative 2 columns with wide shipping and payment methods
  2 columns with sticky order review Address, shipping and payment in first column, order summary in the second column
  3 columns Address in the first column, shipping and payment in the second and order summary in the third
Use Smart Layout Yes/No Automatically convert 2-columns layout into “2 columns with sticky order review” for customers with saved addresses
Use Compact Layout Yes/No Use empty layout withour header and footer blocks
Top Offset for Sticky Elements Any numeric value Use it when your theme has sticky header and it covers part of sticky element (Sticky Sidebar in 1-column mode or Sticky Order Review in smart layout and 2-columns with Sticky Review modes)
Form styles    
Add “filled” class name to fully filled forms Yes/No Add class name for the each of “Address”, “Shipping”, “Payment” and “Order Review” sections
Form fields style Default Use settings of “Address form fields sort order” config section
  Horizontal (Label aside of the field) One field per row. Label is aligned aside of the field.
  Wide (One field per line) Label above the field
Hide field labels Yes/No Use animated placeholders instead of labels
Use JS calendar for Date of Birth field (Third-party fields may be affected too) Yes/No Enable or Disable js calendar popup for DOB field

Additional content

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Option Possible Values Description
Above form Cms Block Any cms block above the form
Below form Cms Block Any cms block below the form
Below checkout review table Cms Block Any cms block below checkout review table
1 column layout    
Sidebar top Cms Block Any cms block above order summary sidebar
Sidebar bottom Cms Block Any cms block below order summary sidebar

Address form fields

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Warning! Before changing some of the fields, be sure that your payment/shipping provider does not require them.

Make sure that Zip/Postal Code and State/Province fields settings does not conflict with Magento settings at Admin > Configuration > General > Countries Options and States Options

Available fields: Company, Address lines, Zip/Postal Code, City, Country, State/Province, Phone, Fax.

Available options: Required, Optional, Hidden.

Address form fields sort order

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Move the fields between rows. Up to two fields per one row is supported.

Available fields: Name, Email, Company, Address lines, Zip/Postal Code, City, Country, State/Province, Phone, Fax, Vat Number, Gender, Tax/Vat Number, Date of Birth.

Ajax save and reload rules

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Save rules

Select the fields that will trigger address save request.


  1. If you have a discount for the registered users, you should add the “Register Account” field to the “Billing Address” option.
  2. If you use different taxes per state or zip code, you should add “State/Province” and “Zip/Postal Code” to the “Shipping Address” option.

Section dependencies

Setup section dependencies accordiong to your bissness logic.


  1. If you use min/max order total to show payment method, you should add “Order Total” to “Payment methods depends on” option.

Terms and conditions

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Option Possible Values Description
Output Type Standard Inline output
  Minimal Terms are shown in nice popup
Agree text in popup window Any string value “Agree” text at the bottom of terms popup

Firecheckout on mobile devices

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In case of some non-standard logic for mobile users, you may disable firecheckout for those users.

Shopping cart

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Option Possible Values Description
Allow to edit shopping cart contents Yes/No Allow to change product qty in the cart
Show product image Yes/No Show product image aside of the product name
Width Numeric Image width
Height Numeric Image height
Show product name as link Yes/No Render product name as a link to the item edit page (checkout/cart/configure/id/…)
Show product short description Yes/No Show short product description below product name and options
Description Excerpt Length Numeric Trim description length to specified value
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