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Dropdown columns

Dropdown columns tab gives you control over dropdown content of selected category. By default, dropdown columns has subcategory column only. But you may add additional columns aside of subcategory listing, or even replace subcategory column with custom block.



Each type of dropdown column provide configuration options that can be used to customize menu according to your needs.

Subcategories column Widget Column
Subacategory column Widget column

General options:


Status option allows to disable column.

Status exceptions

Status exceptions allows you to configure menu visibility per device. You can disable large dropdowns to provide best experience for your mobile customers.

You can also use the negative look-ahead regex statement to show content for specific devices only.

The screenshot below shows how you can hide large dropdown, to improve site perfomance on phones, but show it for tablet devices.

Status Exceptions

When client UserAgent matches multiple expressions - the last matched rule will be used

Column types


Subcategories dropdown is used to render and configure child categories look and feel.

Subcategories dropdown

Subcategories column options:

Items Direction

Direction option allows you to select most suitable rendering mode for your store or particular subcategory only.


Categories are rendered line by line. Rows visually separated from each other. Recommended, when there is almost the same subcategories count in each category.



Categories are separated vertically. There is no visual difference between rows. This mode is recommended to use, when each category has different subcategory children count.


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