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Review Reminder

Review Reminder extension allows to send email reminders automatically to customers who made the order recently. You can also index old orders to send reminders to customers who made orders before extension was installed.


  1. Installation
  2. Features
  3. Settings
  4. Reminders grid
  5. Use cases


  • Create reminders for new orders automatically
  • Index old orders manually and create reminders for them
  • Sending reminder emails by cron or manually in admin


General section

General Section


You can disable the extension to stop creating reminders for new orders.

Number of emails to send per cron iteration

Send reminder code called by cron every 10 minutes and sends 10 emails by default. You can increase this number to send more emails at once, but it will increase the server load.

Default reminder status

You can select default status for new reminders:

  • New - reminders with this status will be sent automatically by cron.
  • Pending - reminders with this status will be ignored, you can send them manually in Templates Master - Review Reminder menu or change the status to New.

Email Settings section

Email Settings Section

Send email from

Select email to send review reminders from.

Email subject

Set reminder email subject. You can use variables here:

  • {customer_name} - insert order customer name
  • {product_name} - insert first bought product name
Email template

Select reminder email template.

Send email after, days

Set up the number of days when the reminder will be sent after the order submission. If you set 0 here, reminder will be sent immediately after the order completed.

Process orders

Here you can select:

  • Any - reminders will be created for all placed orders.
  • Specified - you can select the order status.
Consider orders with status

This field is available when you select Specified in Process orders field. Here you can select order status for which the reminder should be created. Reminder will be created only after the order status would be changed to one from selected values.

Manual Order Indexing Section

In this section you can launch orders indexing if you want to send emails for existing orders. Usually you need it only once right after the extension was installed. New orders will be processed automatically. Configure settings and press Run button. After the order processed, you’ll see a message Completed. x items were processed. After that you can go to Templates Master > Review Reminder and check created reminders.

Manual Order Indexing Section

Index orders created

You can select time period to generate reminders:

  • Last year - process orders created during last year
  • Last month - process orders created during last month
  • Last week - process orders created during last week
  • From custom date - enter custom date to process orders from
Custom date

Enter date in YYYY-MM-DD format from which to process orders.

Index orders made in store(s)

Index orders only from selected store views.

Reminders grid

You can check generated review reminders under Templates Master > Review Reminder menu. You can send selected reminder emails manually, change the status or delete them.

Reminders grid

Reminder Information Tab

You can check the order information such as Customer Name, Customer Email, Order Date and bought Products. Also you can change the reminder status here.

Reminders grid

Order Products Tab

In this tab you can see bought products grid. In Review Status column you can see whether the customer posted product review or not.

Reminders grid

Email Preview Tab

In this tab you can preview the reminder email.

Reminders grid

Use cases

Change Email Template

You can modify reminder email as any other Magento email template under System > Transactional Emails. Press Add New Template button, select Review Reminder in Template field and your locale, then Load Template button. Template will be loaded and you can change template styles and markup in Template Content field. After modification please save the template and select it in System > Configuration > Templates-Master > Review Reminder > Email Settings > Email template.

Email Template

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