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Version 0.7.2

May 22, 2019

  • XML Sitemap:
    • Prevent duplicate alternate locales.

Version 0.7.1

Apr 18, 2019

  • Rich Snippets:
    • Fixed structured data error for grouped and bundle products - offerCount can’t be empty.
    • Fixed structured data error - reviewCount has to be positive.

Version 0.7.0

Mar 29, 2019

  • Rich Snippets:
    • Solve latest Google warnings (missing priceValidUntil, global identifier, review etc).
    • New config option to map product structured data with product attributes.
    • New config option to setup brand value for JSON type.

Version 0.6.6

Feb 26, 2019

  • Metadata templates:
    • Improve module stability during metadata generation (prevent php error ‘call getFrontend on non-object’).
  • Rich Snippets:
    • Don’t add social links to organization snippet when there is no values in social links.
  • HTML Sitemap:
    • Add canonical URL to sitemap page.

Version 0.6.5

  • Rich Snippets:
    • Fix validation error “id is null” at product page.
  • HTML Sitemap:
    • Show only enabled CMS pages in sitemap.

Version 0.6.4

  • Metadata Templates: improved attribute directive output for numeric attributes (truncate trailing zeros in decimal part).

Version 0.6.3

  • Metadata Templates: improve ‘products’ directive for category templates. Works with attributes that are not filterable also.

Version 0.6.2

  • XML Sitemap - prevent memory leak during sitemap generation.

Version 0.6.1

  • Metadata templates: fix price directive (respect tax config - include/exclude tax; remove decimal trailing zeros).

Version 0.6.0

Added new extension - SEO Templates. Read more about it here.

Version 0.5.1

  • SEO XML Sitemap:
    • rename (->_iwd, ->_cwd) bug was fixed
    • Old fishpig version integration
  • Richsnippets:
    • Extension added to SEO SUite config section

Version 0.5.0

Initial release. Package includes Richsnippets, SEO HTML sitemap and SEO XML Sitemap extensions.

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