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Removing other themes except one

Often clients have only one storeview and want to use just one theme design. But when running the static content deploy , compilation or putting site to production mode Magento is starting to deploy all the theme designs. To save the time you can disable not used themes using following instructions:

For example you use only Argento Force theme

  1. Disable all unused theme editors using command:
    bin/magento module:disable Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoEssence Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoFlat Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoLuxury Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoMall Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoPure2 Swissup_ThemeEditorArgentoStripes
  2. Go to your store root composer.json file
  3. After "require": { ... }, section plase add new replace with disabled designs:

    "replace": {
        "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-essence": "*",
        "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-flat": "*",
        "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-pure2": "*",
        "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-mall": "*",
        "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-stripes": "*",
        "swissup/theme-frontend-argento-luxury": "*"
  4. Run composer update swissup/argento-m2 command. It should upgrade all Argento modules and remove themes listed above.
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