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Abandoned Carts Rules


Abandoned Carts Rules grid is located at Swissup > Abandoned Cart > Rules.

Right after installation, there will be three pre-defined rules.

Abandoned Carts Rules


Click Add New Rule button to open rule edit page. It contains four sections.


Rule Form General

Field Description
Enabled Enable/Disable the rule
Name Rule Name
Send Email After Delay before abandoned email will be sent (the minimum value is 10 minutes)
Do NOT send an email if it was sent to the client in the last ? days Here you can specify a number of days to wait until the next email will be sent to customer
Websites Select websites where rule can be applied
Customer Groups Select customer groups for which rule can be applied
Priority Rule sort order


Rule Form Email

Field Description
Template Select email template to use
Sender Select email sender


Rule Form Conditions

Configure conditions to limit the rule to specific carts.


Rule Form Coupon

Select shopping cart price rule which will be used to generate coupon with discount. Only rules with coupon auto-generation will be available here.

Check Magento manual about creating cart price rule here: Create a Cart Price Rule

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