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What is working and what is not?

  • Supported pages (All except Shopping Cart and Checkout):
    • Home and other CMS pages
    • Category
    • Product
    • Search and Advanced Search
    • Account
    • Contact us
  • Supported products (All types are supported):
    • Simple
    • Configurable
    • Virtual
    • Downloadable
    • Grouped
    • Bundle
  • Supported features:
    • Add to cart, compare, and wishlist
    • Configurable Swatches
    • Minicart popup
    • Recently viewed products
    • Product page gallery
    • Form validators
    • Quick search
    • Google analytics
    • Cookie restriction mode
    • MAP popup
    • Paypal buttons
    • Varnish cache (ESI blocks)
  • Not working:
    • Custom javascript
    • RequireJs modules
    • jQuery widgets
    • Magento UI components

Will it work with my theme?

Yes. Hovewer, all custom scripts will not work out of the box. You’ll need to prepare all your theme js to work with Breeze.

Will it work with custom module?

If your module uses custom scripts, it will not work. You’ll need to integrate your module with Breeze.

Is it possible to checkout when Breeze is enabled?

Yes. Cart and Checkout pages will use default js functionality.

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