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Cachewarmer setup

Store > Configuration > Swissup > Cache Warmer

Main section

Main section

Option Description
Enable Allows to enable/disable cachewarmer per store view
Show Developer Toolbar Show cachewarmer toolbar at frontend

Indexer section


Option Description
Stores Select store(s). (if empty mean all selected)
Page Types Select page types. (if empty mean all selected)
Customer Group Select customer groups. (if empty mean all selected)
Currency Select currencies. (if empty mean all selected)

when we run the command

bin/magento index:reindex swissup_cachewarmer_requestentry

indexing process will fill cache warmer request entry table only by these options

Cron section


Option Description
Enable Enable/disable cron schedule(s). (Yes)
Schedule Use the cron expression to schedule mian warmer job(s), e.g. */5 * * * * to run cron every five minutes
Urls Limit Limits URLs per one cron task. Max 1000.

Logging section


Option Description
Enable Enable/disable crawler action and fpc result logging. (Yes)
Lifetime Log records lifetime (in days)
Cleaner schedule Use the cron expression to clean old logs.
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