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Prepare to install

Installation requires Marketplace module. It’s our module that registers our packages repository in composer.json file, saves its credentials to the auth.json file, automates a bunch of complex commands required to run prior and after module installation, and provides easy to use module installer.

composer require swissup/module-marketplace &&\
bin/magento setup:upgrade &&\
bin/magento marketplace:channel:enable swissuplabs

You’ll be asked to activate your domain and enter your key. Get identity key(s) and activate the domain on the site where you’ve purchased the product:


When Marketplace module is installed you can proceed with installation in teminal (GUI is also available under System > Marketplace menu entry).

bin/magento marketplace:package:require swissup/checkout-cart

Complete the installation

Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Swissup Checkout > Checkout Cart. Enable and configure the extension.

After installing the extension, you can go to:

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