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Checkout Fields Grid

You can add new or modify existing checkout fields under Swissup > Checkout > Checkout Fields menu.


Checkout Field Edit Form

Field edit form consists of two tabs: Properties and Manage Labels.

  • Properties tab contains all main field settings.
  • Manage Labels tab allows to assign field label for every store view (e.g. every language).


Option Description
Default Label Field label, which will be used if there is no store specific label set
Store View Store View, where field will be displayed for customer during checkout
Catalog Input Type for Store Owner Available types are: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Dropdown, Yes/No Dropdown and Multiple Select Dropdown
Values Required Select if field is required or optional
Manage Options / Values Allows to specify values for fields with types dropdown and multiple select
Enabled Allows to disable field
Add To Column Options Show field in orders grid Sales > Orders
Attribute Code Unique field code. Generated automatically from default label if leaved empty
Sort Order Allows to set field order on frontend
Default Value Field default value
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