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In order to change general extension settings, go to StoresConfigurationSwissup section ➔ CheckoutSuccess Page.

Checkout Success Page settings have three sections.


Checkout Success system config general

You can enable or disable extension in this section.

Miscellaneous scripts and HTML field allows you to insert Javascript, CSS, or HTML code at the very end of the page. It’s not intended to use for visible information because it’s shown below footer. This field is useful to add Google Adwords or any other conversion tracing code. This field allows to use variables:

Variable Description Extension version
{{orderId}} Order number 1.1.0
{{orderAmount}} Order grand total 1.1.0
{{orderBaseAmount}} Order grand total in base currency (useful for multi currency stores) 1.1.0
{{orderItems}} Array of items from order where every item is JSON object 1.1.3
{{orderBillingAddress}} JSON object with billing address data 1.1.4
{{orderShippingAddress}} JSON object with shipping address data 1.1.4
{{currency}} Order currency 1.1.0
{{currencySymbol}} Order currency symbol 1.1.0
{{customerEmail}} Email of customer who placed an order 1.1.0
{{customerId}} Id of customer who placed an order 1.1.0
{{paymentCode}} Code of payment method for an order 1.1.0
{{paymentTitle}} Name of payment method for an order 1.1.0
{{shippingCode}} Code of shipping method for an order 1.1.0
{{shippingTitle}} Name of shipping method for an order 1.1.0

Most of variables came with extension version 1.1.0. But there some that requiers higher version. Check column “Extension version”.

Check “Miscellaneous scripts snippets” page for some examples.

Address data

Address data object may have properties like ‘city’, ‘company’, ‘country’, ‘country_id’, ‘fax’, ‘firstname’, ‘lastname’, ‘middlename’, ‘postcode’, ‘prefix’, ‘region’, ‘region_id’, ‘street’, ‘suffix’, ‘telephone’.

Page Layout

Checkout Success system config layout

Section Layout provides easy to use drag-and-drop interface to modify checkout success page layout. Success page constructed with predefinded blocks that can be arranged in any way you want.

Blocks available on Success Page is a list of available blocks. It can not be edited. You can only grab one of that blocks and drop it on success page layout field.

Layout of Success Page is a schematic representation of success page. Extension divides page content on four segments - top, bottom, middle-left and middle-right. You can move blocks from one segment to other. You can delete block by clicking on trash bin icon in right side of block (appears when hover over block).

In “Page Layout” section you can find very useful feature - preview success page. Input order number in Order # to preview and press button Save and Start Preview.

Cms Blocks

Checkout Success system config cms blocks

In this section you can assign CMS block to respective block on checkout success page.

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