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CSS class helpers

Use the classes below to slightly modify default banners look and feel. Just add one of these class names to Css Class field of the banner in Magento backend panel.

Class Name Description
no-border Borderless popup
banner-dark Dark backgorund for popup content
permanent-close-hide Do not display ‘Don't show anymore’ link
permanent-close-dark Dark color for ‘Don't show anymore’ link
permanent-close-light Light color for ‘Don't show anymore’ link
close-icon-light White close icon
slide-up Lightbox appears with slide up animation
slide-down Lightbox appears with slide down animation
slide-left Lightbox appears with slide left animation
slide-right Lightbox appears with slide right animation
full Modify slide animations to take much more space
zoom-in Lightbox appears with zoom in animation
zoom-out Lightbox appears with zoom out animation

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