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Cart conditions banner

Available since 1.9.0

Let’s create a banner that will be visible when cart items matches our conditions.

Please note that cart conditions works on the following pages only:

  • Checkout
  • Customer Account
  • Shopping Cart



  1. Navigate to Swissup > Easybanner > Manage Banners and press New Banner button
  2. Fill the new banner form with the following values:

    General Tab

    Field Value
    Enabled Yes
    Identifier cart-conditions-banner
    Type Banner (Or Lightbox, if you want popup banner)
    Store View All Store Views
    Placeholder Do not select anything

    Content Tab

    Field Value
    Url shipping-promo (You’ll need to create this CMS page using Content > Pages interface)
    Mode HTML Content
    Html Content <div style="background:#ff5722;padding: 10px;text-align:center;color:#fff;font-weight:bold;margin:20px 0;">Cart conditions matched!</div>

    Conditions Tab

    Fill the conditions using “Product Attributes combination (Cart Page)” dropdown item:

    Warning! Due to magento bug, do not use 0 in “greater/lower than” condition. Use 0.1 or 0.0001.

    Conditions example

    Save the banner.

    If you are using Lightbox or Awesomebar as a banner type, you can skip all further steps, clear the cache and check your new banner on the shopping cart page.

  3. Navigate to Content > Widgets and press New Widget button
  4. Fill the new widget form:

    Field Value
    Type EasyBanner: Banner
    Design Theme Select your frontend theme

    Press Continue

  5. Fill the form with following values:

    Storefront Properties Tab

    Field Value
    Widget Title Easybanner: Cart Conditions Banner
    Assign to Store Views All Store Views
    Layout Updates  
    Display on Page: shopping cart
    Container Main Content Top

    Widget Options

    Select newly created “cart-conditions-banner” banner.

    Save widget.

  6. That’s all. Clear cache and check your new banner on the frontend.

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