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General configuration

The Facebook Like Button extension offers flexible and easy to use configuration. In order to start working with configuration, please go to Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Swissup > Facebook Like Button.

  • Before start using Facebook integration features configuration process, you have to create an application on Facebook. Please notice that your facebook application should be enabled for your store domain.

General settings

  • Facebook Facebook App ID - specify your Facebook application Id. Note: the configs mentioned above provide binding data to online store.
  • Locale - select locale that will be used for Facebook buttons.


Product and Category Page settings

  • Enabled - select Yes to enable Facebook Like button.
  • Action - select the type of Like button. It can also be
  • Color scheme - select the color for Like button.
  • Layout - select the style of Like button from the drop-down list. Possible values are : button_count (the counts are shown in the right side from Like button), standard (only Like is shown. No counts), box_count (the counts are shown over the Like button).
  • Share - select Yes to enable Facebook Share button.
  • Show faces - select Yes to enable the display of the profile pictures of



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