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This feature supported since v.1.17.0

Collapsible.js utility allows to transform some elements into collapsible blocks.

Syntax examples:

], function(collapsible) {
    'use strict';

    // Basic example
    // The script will find '.swissup-checkout-fields' block and transform its
    // first child into collapsible header. The second child will be transformed
    // into collapsible content.

    // Advanced examples
    // 1. Collapsible additional checkout fields section
    collapsible('.swissup-checkout-fields', {
        header: '.step-title',
        content: '.fieldset',
        openedState: '_active',
        active: true
    // 2. Collapsible order review section ('header' is required in the configuration)
    collapsible('.opc-block-shipping-information', {
        header: '.fc-heading',
        active: true
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