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CSS Helpers

Place any of CSS helpers below, into the CSS Class field in the widget form to apply ready-to-use customization.

Magazine layout

On the screenshot below, you can see the hl-magazine layout with enabled Show link to Highlight Page and Use Ajax Carousel options.

Widget title: Top Selling<br><span>Home Decor</span>

CSS class: hl-magazine grey marker

Magazine layout

The list of available CSS classes to use with Magazine layout

CSS Class Description
hl-magazine Main class to enable magazine layout
Background Color Modifiers  
hl-black Black backgorund
hl-white Black backgorund
hl-grey Grey backgorund
hl-blue Blue backgorund
hl-orange Orange backgorund
hl-green Green backgorund
hl-purple Purple backgorund
hl-red Red backgorund
Text Background Color Modifiers  
hl-marker Enables white or black text background (depending on background color modifier)
Background Size Modifiers  
hl-cover Stretch background image to fit at least one side of title section
hl-contain Stretch background image to fully fit in title section

Background image could be added manually. After you insert a widget into content, add the following code into generated widget code: title_image_url="pub/media/PATH/TO/PHOTO.jpeg"

Background Image

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