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Order Attachments

Order Attachments module adds ability to attach files to order. It also provides ability to include attachment links to email template. All attached files are protected from public access and accessible via private generated links only.

Multishipping checkout is not supported.


  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. Frontend
  4. Backend
  5. Use cases


Firecheckout and Default Magento Onepage Checkout

Multishipping checkout is not supported.

Module is rendered in Payment information section at Firecheckout and Onepage Checkout pages.

Firecheckout and default checkout

Order view page

Attachments are visible on the Guest Order View and Customer Order View pages. You can allow customers to upload files from these pages as well as from the checkout page.

Editable Mode

Editable order view page

Read-Only Mode

Order view page

Email integration

Email html template

You can add attachment links to the email template using the following code:

{{block class='Swissup\Orderattachment\Block\Email\Attachments' area='frontend' order_id=$}}



Backend Configuration

Option Description
Enabled Ability to enable/disable module
Restrict Customer Group(s) Ability to allow file upload for certain customer groups only
Allow file upload during checkout Ability to upload files on before the order has been placed
Allow file upload on order view page Ability to edit and upload files after the order has been placed
File Restrictions  
Limit Files count limit per one order
Size Allowed file size to attach (kilobytes)
Allowed extensions Comma separated allowed file extensions list
Email Notifications  
Enabled Enable/Disable email notifications
Template Ability to set custom email template

Order attachments page

The page is located at Swissup > Checkout > Order Attachments. It gives you an ability to search, edit, download or remove attachments.

Order attachments page

Order edit page

Module is integrated into separate tab of the order edit page. You can edit attachment comments, upload new attachments or delete them.

Order edit page

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