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By default Magento 2 has structured data at product page that helps Google and other search engines to understand the content of your site. Magento uses microdata format.

Today Google recommends using JSON-LD for structured data whenever possible (source).

Our module does exactly this. It presents structured data with JSON-LD format instead of microdata. But this is not all. We allow you to include some addtional information in structured data. Here is full list of structured data we add to pages:

To test structured data at any page of your store you can use Google Rich Snippets testing tool.

Please remember only Google (❗) decides what to show. Testing tool can show everything is perfect but this maybe still not enough for Google. Poorly written or keyword stuffed content, low quality inbound links pointing to your site, not mobile-friendly design, slow loading time - all this can affect your presens in search results.

❗ - you can replace Google with any other search engine.

March 2019 update

Google came with update to its structured data testing tool. This update made testing tool more strict. It shows a lot of warnings. Even though they are recommendations and not strict requirements we improved our module so you could fix all those warnings.

Please check troubleshooting page to get answer for the most common questions.


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