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To configure Seo CrossLinks feature, please follow to the : SWISSUP → General → SeoCrossLinks

Main table


Option Description
Enabled Enable/Disable functionality of the module.
Keyword to Search Set a keyword which should replace into links.
Link Title Provide links with a title.
Search in Crosslinks produce at particular pages of your store, either in full description, or in short description
Search in Extra Product Attributes Ability to generate links for any visible product attributes. (Enable Product Attributes option - VISIBLE ON CATALOG PAGE ON STOREFRONT.)
URL Path Set page URL where link will lead.
Open Link in Open a crosslink in a new browser window or in the same window (Set as Default value).
Store View Replace the keywords into links on specific store.

Option Search in :

  • All – Create links at all pages of store;
  • Category Page - Create links only at Category pages of store;
  • Product Page - Create links only at Product pages of store;
  • CMS Page - Create links at any CMS pages of store.

General settings

Option Search in Extra Product Attributes :

  • Attribute can be visible only with enabled product attribute option - VISIBLE ON CATALOG PAGE ON STOREFRONT

    Admin -> Stores -> Attributes -> Product -> edit a product attribute -> Storefront properties -> Visible on Catalog Pages on Storefront

General settings


Product Attribute Crosslink


Option Description
Class Change the view of links.
Replacement Count Limit the number of links per page.

Option Class allows create links, which will have different style on the pages. There are next styles:

  • Default - Leave default view of links;
  • Animation underline - Hover - animation underline of links;
  • Highlight background - Hover - animation background of links;
  • Animation color and underline - Change colour and apply animation underline of links.

Additional settings

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