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You can configure module at Stores / Configuration / Swissup / SoldTogether page.


Frequently Bought Together

You can enable ‘Frequently Bought Together’ block at product page with this section. Also you can select its layout:

  • Default - similiar to what Amazon site has;
  • Stripes - used in Argento Stripes theme.

Option “Count Products to Display” is pretty self-explanatory. It sets number of products to display (products with largest weight of relations).

Option “List random products for empty collections” can be really helpful for stores that just started. Or for new products that has no relations with existing ones.

And with “Show Out Of Stock Products” you can select to show out of stock products in block.

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought

You can enable ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ block at product page with this section. Block can display many products. It uses carousel to display products.

Email Blocks Settings

Module has blocks that can be used in order emails. Read Use cases to find out more.

And this section of config has options where you can set number of products in blocks.

Relations Management

Options in this section represent other awesome feature of our module. Build new relations when customer places order. And you can control it.

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