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Manage relations

Sold Together module build relations between products. There are two types of relations:

  • ‘Bought together’ - relation means product A bought together with product B in the same order.
  • ‘Also bought’ - relation means customer who bought product A also bought product B with his other order.

Relation between products has its weight. In simple words, weight is a number of times this relation happened.

Sold Together block shows products with biggest relation weight.

Index/reindex soldtogether relations

This can be useful when you just installed module and have no Sold Together relations. But have some number of placed orders. The more orders you have the better index results you get.

Via Magento Admin

Index via Magento Admin

In Magento Admin click on menu item Swissup 🡪 SoldTogether section 🡪 Frequently Bought Together (or Customers Who Bought…).

There you can find button “Index Orders”. This button will rebuild relations.

PS: all manully created relations (“Is Admin” = Yes) will be left untucked.

CLI command

It is possible to index relations via bin/magento command.

Index/reindex ‘Bought together’ relations:

bin/magento swissup:soldtogether:customer:reindex

Index/reindex ‘Also bought’ relations:

bin/magento swissup:soldtogether:order:reindex

Change relations for a product

Edit product relation

Open product you need in Magento Admin. Under section “SoldTogether” there is a grid where you can rearragne/remove/add relations.

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