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Use cases

Add block into sales email

You can add soldtogether blocks to the sales email template using the following code:

{{block class='Swissup\SoldTogether\Block\Email\Customer' area='frontend' template='Swissup_SoldTogether::email/customer.phtml' order_id=$}}
{{block class='Swissup\SoldTogether\Block\Email\Order' area='frontend' template='Swissup_SoldTogether::email/order.phtml' order_id=$}}

Show blocks in tabs

You can display blocks in tabs when using our free EasyTabs module. First, create a new tab with Block Type: Custom Block. Then fill the Tab Options fields.

Customers also buy block setting:

Field Value
Block Swissup\SoldTogether\Block\Customer
Template Swissup_SoldTogether::product/carousel.phtml
Unset soldtogether.product.customer

Bought Together block setting

Field Value
Block Swissup\SoldTogether\Block\Order
Template Swissup_SoldTogether::product/order.phtml
Unset soldtogether.product.order
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