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Collection Page

On the collection page, you can customize the Header and Footer.

The main content of Argento Stripes Collection page consists of Collection banner and Product grid blocks.

Collection banner

You can enable/disable a banner by visibility badge. Within a collection banner you can:

  • Show collection description.
  • Edit your collections.
  • Show collection image.

Argento Stripes Collection page

Product grid

Pay attention that with the Argento theme you can set the number of products per row and set the number of products per page.

Within a product grid you also can:

  • Choose size for the badge: Extra Small, Small, Medium-large, Extra Large.
  • Show the second image on hover.
  • Add image padding.
  • Show vendor.
  • Enable filtering and sorting.

Note: if you want to set a few filters for grouping products, please click Customize filters. There you will be able to add filters. Available values are: product type, brand, availability, price product options (color, size, etc.)

Argento Stripes Collection page

Don’t forget to press Save every time you make changes.

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