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Argento theme header includes Announcement bar, Header Top bar, Header sections.

Announcement bar

Argento’s announcement bar has a Welcome text you can change at any time.

Argento Stripes Header

Click on the bar to start configuring:

  • You can specify the new text.
  • You can choose up to 5 values in the drop-down: Background 1, Background 2, Inverse, Accent 1, Accent 2.
  • You can enable/disable a bar by visibility badge.
  • You can add a link to other pages of your Shopify site.

Note: Argento theme allows for adding multiple Announcement bars.

Header top bar

Argento Stripes Header

In Argento Header top bar you can enable/disable the checkbox for 2 values:

  • Show Contact Phone
  • Show Contact Email


With the Argento theme, you can configure the Header color, Logo, and Menu sections. You can also enable a Sticky header to make the header shown when users scroll up.

Header color

Using a color palette, please select a color for 2 values:

  • Background
  • Text

Argento Stripes Header

Within a Logo section you can:

  • Change logo image.
  • Set width for a custom logo by using a range filter.
  • Set up to 3 logo positions: middle left, top left, top center.
  • Remove image.

You can change or remove the Argento menu by using the Change button right in the admin. When you choose to change the menu, a new section will appear. There you have to check the menu you need to configure, press the Select button.

For the Header, we choose the Main menu. It has 3 menu items: Home, Catalog, Contact.

Note: with Argento, you can add other menu items right in the admin.

Please click the Edit menu and configure it due to your store requirements.

Argento Stripes Header

For instance, we added a new item to the Main menu - Today’s Deals. We also added the new item to the Catalog submenu - Gaming. See result.

Argento Stripes Header

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