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On the homepage, you can customize the Header and Footer.

The main content of Argento homepage consists of different engaging sections: Image slider, Multicolumn sections, Featured Collection blocks. You can also enable and customize Popup Banner.

Note: to add a custom section to the homepage, please go to the FAQ block.

There is an easy way to switch the sections on the page. You can do it right in admin by using the Live Editor.

Image slider

With the Argento theme, you can use a full-screen slider with a single image. You can also show a carousel slider with unlimited brand logos.

General settings

When customizing the image slider, you can:

  • Select a background color.
  • Set the maximum width of the container.
  • Make your slider loop continuously.
  • Set the slider to autoplay. That will make the slides come from left to right or first to last.
  • Set a delay between transitions. This value is available in case of autoplay is enabled.
  • Set the duration between transitions.
  • Set the number of slides per view.
  • Show navigation buttons.
  • Show pagination.

Argento Stripes Homepage

Settings for each slide

When customizing each slide in a slider, you can:

  • Specify the heading.
  • Add the new image, change or remove it.
  • Enable image lazy loading.
  • Add a link to other pages of your Shopify site.

Multicolumn section

On Argento’s homepage, you can see two multicolumn sections. Configure them according to your store requirements. You can:

  • Specify heading.
  • Change the image width. Possible values are full-width of the column, One-third width of the column, Half-width of the column.
  • Set the column alignment to the left or center.
  • Choose a secondary background. You can show it as a section background or as a column background.
  • Set the button label and link a button to other pages of your Shopify site.

For instance, you can see a banner block. Argento supports the display of 4 banners per row.

Argento Stripes Homepage

This is a unique Argento feature. When adding the product collection, you could give a clue on what your store offers right on the homepage. With the featured collection block you can promote New or Popular products.

Argento Stripes Homepage

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