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Product Page

On the product page, you can customize the Header and Footer.

The main content of Argento Stripes product page consists of Product information, Product tabs, Product recommendations. You can enable/disable each section by visibility badge.

Argento Stripes Product page

Note: to add a custom section to the product page, please go to the FAQ.

Product information

Within a product information section you can:

  • Choose a value for Text style from Uppercase, Body, and Subtitle.
  • Choose the button or drop-down value for the Variant picker.
  • Show dynamic Buy buttons.
  • Show Share button.

No customization settings are available for Title, Price, Quantity selector values.

Product tabs

Argento Product tabs section consists of Description, Product Reviews, Related products, and Product recommendations.

Note: you can set all tabs to Collapsed or Expanded type.

Argento Stripes Product page

The tab shows products with the same tags or categories as the current product. Using the tab, you can promote other products from your store.

Product reviews tab

The product reviews tab is one more great feature of the Argento theme. To use the tab, you have to get the installed Free Shopify App - Product Reviews.

Product recommendations tab

Argento has a separate Product recommendations section. Adding recommended products helps you to increase the average order value.

Within a section, you can:

  • Specify a heading.
  • Set the number of products per page by using a range filter.
  • Choose size for the badge: Extra Small, Small, Medium-large, Extra Large.
  • Show the second image on hover.
  • Show vendor.

Note: to add a custom product page tab, please go to the FAQ.

Use Metafields

Argento theme uses an ability to display some extra product information using metafields. After adding metafields they will appear directly in a product configuration page.

metafields.brand Brand Show a product brand.
metafields.details Details Show some additional product details in tab section.

To enable this option at your store side, you have to add shopify metafields definition.

Navigate to the shopify admin -> Settings -> Metafields -> Products -> Add definition

Brand - show a product brand above its name;

Name Namespace Select content type
Brand my_fields.brand Text -> Single-line-text

Details - show a product details into product tabs;

Name Namespace Select content type
Details my_fields.details Text -> Multi-line-text

It’s possible to display some extra product information in either list or row.


metafields settings

Product page configuration result:


Product page schema settings:

brand-option details-option details-in-list

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