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Argento Theme Settings

shopify theme general settings

Before you start configuring the template pages, you have to focus on general theme settings.

Argento theme allows for customizing the following settings:

  • Color,
  • Typography,
  • Social media,
  • Favicon,
  • Price,
  • Product Badges,
  • Predictive Search Results,
  • Contact info,
  • Checkout.

Let’s start one by one.


With the Argento theme, you can set primary and secondary colors.

  • The primary colors are used for a solid button label, for solid button background, and as foreground color on accent colors.

  • The secondary colors are used as foreground color on background colors. It can be also used for active text links.

You can choose and change the color from the color palette.


With typography options, you can select the desired font for template headings and body. The base font of Argento theme headings and body is Sans-serif.

Social media

With the Argento theme, you can add social sharing options to the product page. You can show or hide Share Buttons by unchecking the boxes next to the social network. The Share button is available for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter social networks.

shopify theme general settings

You can also enable login for users with their accounts in Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


With the Favicon option, you can edit the icon of your Shopify store. This is a small icon that is shown on the tab of your site page in the browser. Select the image right in the admin.


With the Argento theme, you can:

  • change the color for the Final price. By checking the box you can also show cents as superscripts.
  • Show / Hide price label.

Product Badges

With the Argento theme, you have got Sale and Sold out badges on product images. Users can see them on the collection page.

You can change:

  1. Badge color.
  2. Badge text color.
  3. Badge position.
  4. Missing translation.

shopify theme general settings

Contact Info

With the Argento theme, you can specify the Contact phone number and Contact Email.

Predictive Search Results

This settings allow you to configure search results using below settings:

  • Enable predictive search - Enable / Disable Predictive search results. (Enabled by default)
  • Show vendor - Display vendor below the product images. (Disabled by default)
  • Show product stock - Display product stock label In Stock / Out Of Stock. (Disabled by default)
  • Show product price - Display all product information. (Enabled by default)
  • Minimal query length - Set min amount of characters to start searching. (By default - 3 characters).



With the Argento settings, you can improve the look of the Shopify checkout page.

shopify theme general settings

You can edit the following options on the checkout page:

  1. The background image of the banner.
  2. Set the custom image for the logo.
  3. Select the position and size for the logo in drop-downs.
  4. Set the background image for the main content area of the checkout page.
  5. Customize the typography for headings and body.
  6. Set colors for accents: links, highlights, checkmarks.
  7. Set colors for buttons: gift card and Next step buttons.
  8. Set colors for errors: messages and invalid fields.
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