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Argento Theme Installation

Add Theme to Your Store

After purchasing the Argento Theme in the Shopware Store it can be added to your store in several ways:

  • if you have your Shopware account connected, the theme will be available in the Themes section at Extensions > My Extensions page in store admin
  • you can upload the theme manually. The theme zip file can be downloaded in your Shopware account in the shop operator area
  • theme can be installed via composer: composer require swissup/sw6-argento-stripes-theme

Install and Activate

After the theme is available under the Themes section, you can install and activate it:

  • click on the Install link
  • activate the theme clicking on the switch

Argento Shopware Installation

Assign Theme to Sales Channel

Go to the Theme section on the Sales Channel edit page to assign the theme. Click on the Change theme button, select Argento theme and press Save to assign it.

Assign Argento Theme to Sales Channel

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