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Argento Luxury Product Page

Configuration settings

There is specific section for product page configuration in Magento Admin. Go to SystemConfiguration. Find TM Argento Themes section there and choose Luxury.

Product page settings

Here you can:

  • change product image layout and set product image size (check Product Images paragraph),
  • stick product image and/or product details section.


Luxury is using page_one_column layout for the product page. To change it to another one, create custom.xml file and add the following instruction:

    <update handle="page_two_columns_left"/>

Possible values for handle variable:




Product images can be presented in two ways.

Default Slider
Main image with thumbnails Horisontal scroll of all images
Product Image - default Product Image - slider

Product image and gallery is powered by Lightbox Pro module, that has a lot of configuration options at System > Configuration > Template-Master > LightboxPro section.

It allows you to configure the following options:

  • Image dimensions
  • Gallery controls
  • Overlay settings
  • Popup settings


Catalog Configurable Swatches

Catalog Configurable Swatches - is a standard Magento feature since 1.9.1, which is fully integrated with the following Argento modules:

  • AjaxPro
  • AjaxSearch
  • LightboxPro

You can read this great tutorial by sherodesigns about color swatches configuration.


Argento tabs is powered by EasyTabs module. You can add or remove additional tabs from Templates-Master > Easy Tabs page.

The following tabs are shown under add to cart box:

Product Tabs

  • Product Description
  • Reviews
  • Free delivery and Returns

Additional tabs are shown in content area:

Info Tabs

  • Customers also buy
  • Questions
  • Recently viewed

This tabs inserted as a widget into CMS block product_page_additional_tabs. You can add there any other content you want. Or you can add few more tabs.

Soldtogether blocks

Sold Together powered blocks. You can customize these blocks from System > Configuration > Tempaltes-Master > Sold Together section.

Configuration provides the following options:

  • Products count
  • Columns count
  • Amazon style for Frequently bought together block
Frequently bought together

System > Configuration > Tempaltes-Master > SoldTogether > Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together

Customers who bought this item also bought

System > Configuration > Tempaltes-Master > SoldTogether > Customer Bought Together

Customers who bought this item also bought

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