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Easy Tabs

Easy Tabs extension allows you to add multiple dynamic tabs based on content of cms blocks, products attributes or html content.


  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. Features
  4. Settings
  5. Easytabs Grid
  6. Use Cases



General section

General Section


You can disable the extension on frontend

Update url when switch between tabs

Add the tab anchor to page url

Show tab anchor when hovering tab

Show tab anchor on tab mouse hover

Easytabs Grid

You can look through all created tabs, change their status or delete them.

Easytabs Grid

Easytabs Edit Form

Easytabs Edit Form


Set the tab title. You can also enter the eval code to show dynamic value in tab name such as number of reviews, tags etc


Set tab block name in layout. It will be also used for tab link anchor if option was enabled in the configuration.

Block Type

Here you can select the type of created tab. Available types are:

  1. Additional Information - displays product attributes that have Visible on Product View Page on Front-end enabled.
  2. CMS Static Block - displays content of selected static block.
  3. Custom Block - create your custom tab using block and template, using this tab you can display the content of other extension in tab.
  4. Html content - shows any html content created using WYSIWYG editor.
  5. Product Description - displays product description in tab.
  6. Product Tags - displays product tags.
  7. Product attribute - displays selected product attribute value.
  8. Product’s Reviews - shows product reviews in tab.
  9. Related Products - displays related products grid.
  10. We Also Recommend - displays upsell products grid.

Read the field that shows used block type.

Sort Order

Sopecify the sort order of tabs on frontend. Tabs with smaller value will be shown before tabs with higher value.


Enable or disable the tab rendering on product page.

Store View

Assign the tab to store view(s)

Widget Options

All fields of this block depend on selected Block Type. Possible fields:

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