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Easy Tabs Installation

Please follow next steps to complete the installation:

  1. Go to store backend and disable compilation mode.
  2. Go to your magento store root directory (via FTP or CPanel).
  3. Create file maintenance.flag in root directory.
  4. Open your store in browser; you have to see page Service Temporarily Unavailable (if you can not see this page - probably you are tring to install extension at wrong magento instance).
  5. Unpack all files from extension archive into your magento store root directory.
  6. Remove file maintenance.flag when copy process completed.
  7. Login your store admin and start to configure extension.
  • Navigate to SystemConfigurationTemplates-MasterEasy Tabs and enable extension for any store you need.

If you can not find Easy Tabs extension in store admin then check cache management. Refresh cache if it is enabled. Still no? Check the store compilation and run recompilation if it is enabled.

That’s all. Now you can configure tabs at Product Tabs Grid or create custom tabs at Widget Tabs Grid.

Upgrade from version 2.x.x to 3.0.1

You can delete useless files to keep your Magento instance clean and tidy:


After you install an extension you can go to:

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